Our Policies

A Few Things to Know About SSDC

At SSDC we pride ourselves on offering our students an exceptional dance education in an environment that is positive and supportive, and also professional and respectful. We ask that our dancers show up to class on time and prepared to work, and we will do the same.

Requirements for hair, shoes, and attire are as follows…


  • Ballet- Hair must be in a bun, and completely secure.
  • Modern, jazz, tap, hip hop- Hair must be completely tied back in either a ponytail or a bun.


  • For safety reasons, the ONLY jewelry that is allowed in class are post earrings.


For our Creative Dance, Pre Level, and Fundamentals Level dancers, we require pink ballet slippers for girls, black ballet slippers for boys, and black jazz and tap shoes. Ballet-style house slippers are not acceptable. Dance shoes should never be worn outside.

For our Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced dancers, we have specific shoe requirements.

  • Ballet- Canvas Split Sole Ballet Slippers (Pink for girls and black for boys)
  • Jazz- Black Split Sole Jazz shoes
  • Tap- Black Flat Split Sole Oxford Style Tap Shoes
  • Modern- No shoes. Socks are fine for the warm up, but the rest of the class should be done in bare feet.
  • Hip Hop- Dancers can wear sneakers or dance barefoot at the discretion of the instructor. Sneakers must be clean and lightweight with a non-marking sole. These should be designated for dance, and not worn outside.


We ask that our dancers please wear the correct dancewear for every style. Wearing proper dancewear allows instructors to view and correct any alignment issues. Dance costumes are not to be worn in class. Dancers who do not dress appropriately for class may be asked to sit out at the instructor’s discretion.

  • Ballet: Ballet students must wear a leotard and tights to every class. Any color is fine. Solid colors are preferred. Booty shorts or ballet skirts may be worn over leotards and tights. Legwarmers, long sleeve leotards, and ballet sweaters are recommended for winter, as no other warm-ups will be permitted in ballet class. Boys should wear fitted dance pants and a fitted t-shirt.
  • Modern and Jazz: For modern and jazz, we ask that dancers wear a leotard and tights, biker shorts, or leggings. Tights must be convertible, and you may wear fitted shorts over top. A fitted t-shirt, tank top, or long sleeve shirt is fine to wear as well. For boys, the requirement is the same as for a ballet class
  • Tap and Hip Hop: For tap and hip hop, dancers can wear any comfortable, work-out type clothing. No denim is allowed in class.