"The focus on classical dance techniques brings so much sophistication and authenticity to the work we do, along with a deeper appreciation for the art of dance." - SSDC Student

Class Schedule (2018-19)

Click Here For The 2018-19 Schedule.

SSDC Calender

August 24-September 2: CLOSED
September 5: First Day of Classes
October 20: Fundraisers Due
October 31: Halloween (No Classes)
November 10: Activity Fees and Balances Due
November 21-23: Thanksgiving Break (No Classes)
December 1: Registration Deadline (Last Day to Add or Drop a Class)
December 10-December 15: POP Week! (Parent Observation and Participation)
December 20-January 1: Winter Break (No Classes)
April 1: Costume Balances Due
April 13-14: SSDC Picture Days
April 18-24 Spring Break :(No Classes- may be added back in for snow make-up days)
May 9: Program Ads and Shout-Outs Due
May 10: Last Day to Pay Outstanding Balances
May 16: Spring Concert Ticket and Flower Orders Due
May 23: Last Day of Classes
May 28-30: Snow Make-Up Days (If Necessary)
May 31: Spring Concert Dress Rehearsal- Hempfield High School Performing Arts Center
June 1: SSDC Spring Dance Concert (2pm: Creative Dance, Pre Level, Fundamentals, 6pm: Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)