Tuition & Level Placement

The class levels and ages listed below are general guidelines for placement and may vary from student to student. It is important to recognize that each student's relationship with dance is unique, and that instructors may choose to advance students at different paces based on their progress. Placement will be determined by a variety of considerations including previous experience, focus, maturity, motor development, strength, stamina, flexibility, and technique.

Creative Dance: Age 3-4
Pre Level (Ballet, Tap, Jazz): Age 5-6
Fundamentals Level (Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz): Age 7-9
Beginning Level (Ballet, Modern, Tap, Jazz): Age 10-12
Intermediate Level (Ballet, Pre Pointe, Beginning Pointe, Modern, Tap, Jazz): Age 12-14
Teen Level (Ballet, Jazz): Age 13+, Beg-Int Level
Advanced Level (Ballet, Pointe, Modern, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary): Age 15+

2018-19 Tuition Rates & Fees

Classes Begin September 5th!
Registration Fee: $35 / Family

Activity Fee: $50 ($100 for families with multiple dancers)*

1/2 Hour/week: $40/month
45 min/week: $45/month
1 Hour/week: $50/month
1.5 Hours/week: $65/month
2 Hours/week: $80/month
2.5 Hours/week: $90/month
3+ Hours/Week: $100/month
4+ Hours/Week: $140/month

SSDC Class Card: $100/10 Classes
(Non-performance Only)
Drop-In Classes: $12/class

* Can be paid for by participating in our annual fundraiser. Fundraiser information will be distributed the first week of classes.
25% Discount For Families With Multiple Dancers.